The floor plan before:

1080 Chestnut #7D: Original Floor Plan

The floor plan after:

1080 Chestnut #7D: New Floor Plan

And a peek inside:

1080 Chestnut #7A: Interior

Purchased for $770,000 in 2005, 1080 Chestnut #7D is back on the market with a post-remodel price tag of $1,350,000. No apples here (but perhaps a little design inspiration).

∙ Listing: 1080 Chestnut #7D (1/1.5) – $1,350,000 [MLS]

Full Disclosure: The listing agent for this property advertises on SocketSite, and was kind enough to dig up the original floor plan at our request, but provided no compensation for this post.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by anon

    1.35 mil for a 1 bedroom, with a $1100 HOA!? Good luck with that.

  2. Posted by CameronRex

    The remodel is very nice…but 1.35 mil??? I agree with anon…don’t think that will happen.

  3. Posted by snark

    Silly price and very high HOAs… Will watch for the price reduction postings.

  4. Posted by tipster

    What? Too small?
    Try checking out the upstairs neighbor, unit 14A. According to Zillow, it’s got 125 bedrooms, 98 baths in 120,000 square feet. A bargain at $35 Mil.
    You could remodel that for a lifetime and never be finished. Calling Mrs. Winchester….

  5. Posted by movingback

    Views + location + demand + great remodel.
    It will sell. I’ll bet without price reduction.

  6. Posted by will

    What do people think about the lack of a bathtub?

  7. Posted by Homeless guy

    “Views + location + demand + great remodel.
    It will sell. I’ll bet without price reduction.”
    Yea right!
    “Movingback”, I think your clock is 3 years slower than mine, I am in 2008 now.

  8. Posted by Michael

    I’d be worried about the lack of a bathtub if it was a two bedroom – babies need bathtubs! – but this looks like a DINK/bachelor(ette) pad to me.

  9. Posted by Oceangoer

    Yes but Zillow also says that Russian Hill is made up of:
    Foreign-born Urbanites -Foreign-born individuals who live in city.
    Power Singles -High-income urban singles.
    Bright Lights, Big City -Very mobile singles living in the city.
    So maybe this would suit one of those, particularly if they are using Euros to buy 😉
    But I agree this is way too much to pay for a view, no balcony, and the pleasure of having to be accepted by the Board and then asked to pay more than $12,000 a year in HOA fees

  10. Posted by ex SF-er

    Overall, this layout makes much more sense… good ideas IMO
    also, it is beautiful. killer views too.
    I’m confused about the layout however. is there a large closet AND also a pass-through closet from bedroom to bath? or is that a powder room or something?
    seems expensive to me, not like $600k of renovations that’s for sure!
    but all it takes is one buyer to pay that price, and the value is set.

  11. Posted by Sleepiguy

    I actually think this has a good shot at selling for asking. 1100 psf isn’t that bad. A one bedroom sold near me for about 900k and it hadn’t been updated, had no views, and no parking.

  12. Posted by eddy

    Nice remodel and great floorplan re-do. What’s up with that kitchen wall paper? Lack of tub seems to lack me a lack of creativity on the architect / designer here. The shower looks awesome.
    I guess this will test the theory on whether top-notch places with high end finishes “fly off the market”. I’m not sure sure this place is “top-notch” but it’s got all the right trimmings. Keep us posted.

  13. Posted by Spencer

    my prediction.
    will sell for less than $1M

  14. Posted by sorbet

    No tub is a deal killer. I saw another place over the weekend without a tub in the master. No gf of mine would go for that.

  15. Posted by wayne

    I think it will likely sell without a price reduction. A “view” unit at 1501 Greenwich sold over $1600 ft and 10% over asking for $2.551M, in what was an ordinary bulding in my opinion.

  16. Posted by movingback

    @ eddy – I am pretty sure that’s not wallpaper in the kitchen. Looks like custom tile work to me.
    @ Spencer – wow, you really don’t have any idea what is going on in the market in some locations, do you? You have got to be crazy if you think this place will go for much under asking price.
    Wayne’s example of 1501 Greenwich is a good indicator of what people will pay for the right space + quality remodel + amenities + killer views, and above all, for location. This building has always had an unspoken allure about it.

  17. Posted by Craig

    Note how they did not move the toilets. Very clever rearrangement around the hard plumbing.

  18. Posted by Foolio

    This, in a nutshell, is what is so incredibly fracked up with San Francisco.
    A 1-bedroom condo for 1.3 million dollars?? Do people even register any more how truly insane that is???
    Jeebus. Sometimes I miss living in the real world…

  19. Posted by diemos

    Cue Dr. Evil: “One point three … MILLION … dollars”

  20. Posted by homeless guy

    “Very clever rearrangement around the hard plumbing.”
    — No big deal, it’s just a common sense after all.
    “This, in a nutshell, is what is so incredibly fracked up with San Francisco.”
    — People still living in the past or they think it is a vitual world, they will learn in a painful way.

  21. Posted by salarywoman

    1.3M / 1.1K a mo. and no washer dryer in the unit? Maybe the HOA fees include laundry service.

  22. Posted by roomwithaview

    I’ve heard this sold at asking. Any one heard anything?

  23. Posted by fluj

    It got an offer June 1, went pending June 26, and is scheduled to close July 30. I don’t know what price it fetched.

  24. Posted by roomwithaview

    Confirmed – went for asking. Still don’t know the exact dollar amount.
    [Editor’s Note: Closed for $1,295,000 (4% under asking) on 7/11/08.]

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