3119 Harrison: Map
3119 Harrison: Rendering (Image Source:
Okay, we’re giving you the big jump on this one (as in “[c]onstruction is due to start by Spring 2008…[and] both houses will go on the market as the project gets closer to completion”). From the developers behind 1440 Jackson Street comes 3119 Harrison, two contemporary 2,700 square foot homes on a currently (relatively) empty lot.

The project involves excavating the entire lot 12 feet below grade to make room for a shared six car underground garage, two subterranean studios and two outdoor courtyards. It will feature numerous environmental amenities and may possibly be [their] first LEED certified project.

Rough plans (and a few more renderings) available online. Details in a year (assuming it gets built).
Dawson&Clinton General Contractors []
Coming Soon Three Quarters In Contract: 1440 Jackson Street [SocketSite]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Adam

    Two blocks from the Sunset house but 1/2 block from Cesar Chavez. Will be nice if the Cesar Chavez plans actually come to reality.

  2. Posted by perhaps

    holy street trees batman, what happened?

  3. Posted by D Gordon

    Interesting to see how the market is and who will pay the expected asking prices of such homes in that less-than-stellar location.

  4. Posted by Dan

    Trees line the west side of this block of Harrison, along the school.
    The east side of this block is all curb cuts for the garages that line the sidewalk.

  5. Posted by noearch

    I’ve said this before about trees and curbcuts.
    Trees are in fact possible, even with curb cuts. There is room. It just takes a desire to put a tree in, and work with the city in doing so.
    No excuses.

  6. Posted by Andy

    Ah Noearch, but is there room to put in curb cuts…that is the question.
    How often have you heard of a curb cut replacing a tree, or a tree that is relocated adjacent, or one tree relocated plus one additional. If only we were able to have a rational discussion about curb cuts perhaps you would have more trees. I would gladly plant two trees if I could put the curb cut where it should be….but I digress.
    A 1/2 block off Chavez?

  7. Posted by Adam

    Indeed, imagine that visual above with a couple of trees. Whole different picture.
    Fingers crossed that some change will happen with the city plans for C.Chavez…

  8. Posted by fluj

    What is the proposed plan for Cesar Chavez anyway?

  9. Posted by Jason

    Six-car garage for two units? In the densest city west of the Passaic River.

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