2820 Pacific
2820 Pacific is a Wills Jefferson Polk designed mansion “built in 1910 for the Misses Alice and Caroline Griffith”; is one of the few Pacific Heights homes with a lot that stretches all the way from Pacific to Broadway; and was the very first San Francisco Decorator Showcase home in 1977 (don’t worry, it’s been remodeled and renovated since).
And yes, it’s now on the market (and asking $17,500,000).
∙ Listing: 2820 Pacific (5/5.5) – $17,500,000 [Byzantium] [MLS]
Willis Jefferson Polk: Architect [Encyclopedia of San Francisco]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by AJ

    Compared to some other s**t on the market these days, this seems like a good deal!

  2. Posted by AIAnon

    Trivia: Polk also designed the Hallidie building – home to the San Francisco chapter of the AIA – which many consider to be the first execution of the glass curtain wall and an innovation that paved the way for the design of Rincon, Infinity and Millennium.

  3. Posted by dissent

    Nice house, the yard is a total waste. For 17 mill
    they should have gotten a landscape architect.

  4. Posted by RinconHill_Res

    Four words….
    “George Costanza”…and
    “Glamour Magazine.”

  5. Posted by bgelldawg

    Multiple photos of the exterior and kitchen and not one picture of any of the bathrooms. Wonder what they are hiding.
    That great view and the couch is turned towards the TV!

  6. Posted by caulerpa

    Curbed uses a RED block around their aerial photos,… you are using BLUE. Are these like the team colors (or gang colors)?

  7. Posted by Michael

    Talk about a prime opportunity for urban infill…they should build a mini-mansion on that yard! But seriously, any chance they could legally split the lot and add a tasteful little house?

  8. Posted by Michael L.

    3 cheers for socketsite page editor for having nice musicial taste…
    “Should I stay or should I go” The Clash the other day, and today its the WHO – “I can see for miles and miles and miles…”

  9. Posted by cd


  10. Posted by rg

    AIAnon: putting Polk and the words “Rincon, Infinity and Millennium” in the same paragraph is SO wrong!

  11. Posted by Sleepiguy

    Could be amazing with a little help. I noticed they painted it last year.. Too bad it’s this sort of weird orange color.. It looks like those little pale orange candies you would get at Halloween when you were a kid that were kind of like marshmallows, but were really terrible.

  12. Posted by Lori

    I am not a fan of the blue and yellow combo, and the countertops in the kitchen are just hideous. However, you can’t beat that TV room!

  13. Posted by blahhh

    What a beautiful and well priced house…
    “AIAnon: putting Polk and the words “Rincon, Infinity and Millennium” in the same paragraph is SO wrong!”
    The Infinity’s 3300 sq.ft penthouse is in contract for over $7M, and the Millennium’s 10,000 sq.ft penthouse will be priced at $20M each. I wonder which one will sell faster.

  14. Posted by Can't think of cool name

    I’ve now seen the following similarities in several photos of various properties – in the kitchen, notice the faucet with the “ahem – limp position…” Could somebody please at least put the nozel back in its intended…”ahem…position” before taking those shots.
    Yeah, its funny and a little nit-picky, but it also says there’s a lack of detail or to a fixer-upper type, “is that faucet is broken and I need to fix it, and if so, what else needs to be taken care of…” Details, details.

  15. Posted by EH

    I’m guessing the paint and the kitchen counters signify a South-Western fascination among the outgoing owners.

  16. Posted by MR

    These pictures don’t do justice. Any of you who think you could have done a better job probably have no sense of taste, style, or know-how.

  17. Posted by Pritchard

    I was in this house once in the 80s and it was enchanting to walk through the long front garden to the front door.

  18. Posted by Mr. Rosario

    i have book sign From, A.G. 2820 Pacific Avenue, may, 17, 1917. any info.? Book call “Women of Belgium Turning Tragedy To Triumph”

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