438 Roosevelt Way: Exterior
Get over the choice of exterior paint and get inside: big windows, views and lots of light; a steel and glass staircase; an open kitchen with bomber appliances and access to the patio/garden; and a three car garage. And no, we can’t name the architect. Readers?
438 Roosevelt Way: Living Room
∙ Listing: 438 Roosevelt Way (3/2.5) – $2,995,000 [Joel Goodrich] [MLS]

4 thoughts on “More Monday Morning Modern (Or Is It Contemporary?)”
  1. Was the exterior color a “test” to see how healthy the current real estate market really is? The color is so strong and WRONG, that it is almost impossible to notice that this is actually a nice house. Good Luck.

  2. This is a beautiful and well designed home. My only problem was there didn’t seem to be any natural light in the living room. I mean every other room is chock-full-of beautiful , warm light and the only area you would be in a lot….ah well, I guess you can’t have everything;)
    Oh and, i don’t mind the exterior colour, it reminds me very much of the homes on Mulholland Dr. , Los Angeles, especially colour, and in a strange way, that is all-right.

  3. No doubt about it, a beautiful home but no for me, I have 2 young kids, and prefer more practical one.
    This house is just too much artifical stuffs, don’t feel like a home, not natural, just like another highended office (Google’s, CISCO’s …)
    Asking for 3 Millions, wow, the agent must be out of his mind, zillow.com said 236k in 1996, 500k in 1999 and 2 mil in 2002…. Crazy.
    That kind of money I can easily buy one in Hillsborough with pretty large yard, better neighbours, better school district and better road system …. No way duke.
    Will check back months later and see if it hook up to a big fish. Good luck seller !!

  4. Since, according to the listing site, the house was built “circa 2000,” I assume the 1999 $500,000 valuation was for the land.

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