3512 Clay
It’s a beautiful Julius Kraft home in Presidio Heights with nine bedrooms, stunning Golden Gate views, and a $745,000 (10%) price reduction. The one thing that’s conspicuously absent? A single parking space.
Then again, any potential buyer/bidder will likely be able to afford a driver (or two). Hey, it’s just like New York! (Sorry, we couldn’t resist.)
∙ Listing: 3512 Clay Street (9/4.5) – $6,750,000 [MLS]

5 thoughts on “Then Again, You Can Probably Afford A Driver (Or Two)”
  1. I just can’t stand seeing million plus dollar homes with no parking.
    A millionaire in SF has the lifestyle of a midwestern GAP salesman

  2. Would the city allow a garage on a historic structure such as this? (Below grade with ramp drive up to sidewalk and street) I have no experience with garage additions in San Francisco as I only have been involved in new construction. I cannot see how they could get this price without a garage.

  3. The lack of garage is an issue here; as are the lack of pictures in the actual listing. Makes me think that this place needs everything to bring it up to today’s standards. I don’t think the city can stop you from putting in a garage so long as you keep it in line with the rest of the street. Anyone else have a more definitive answer?
    I’ve always heard that parking is generally a wash (i.e., the value of the spot = the cost to put it in) but in this case I’d say a parking spot would add much more.
    I might go check this place on tour tomorrow if I can free up.
    Editor’s Note: If only it were that easy (re: garages). From Seb’s post on 930 Chestnut: “No new garages explained: The planning department recently proposed a policy that makes it very difficult to add new garages. Virtually all homes built before 1913 will be deemed structures of architectural or historical merit and, as such, will have to follow tough new regulations if the home owner wants to add a garage….Garage installation contractors are reeling from this ruling with an 80% drop off in business.”]

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