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Ellis Act Eviction Activity In San Francisco By The Numbers

Ellis Act Eviction Activity In San Francisco By The Numbers

3,610 housing units were removed from the rental market in San Francisco by way of an Ellis Act eviction from 1997 to 2013, according to a new report by Tenants Together. That’s an average of 226 units Ellised a year. In 2013, a total of 250 units in San... Read More »

Two-Year Rent Subsidy For Evicted Tenants Closer To Reality

The language for proposed legislation which would require landlords in San Francisco who evoke the Ellis Act to pay their evicted tenants an upfront sum equal to the difference between their current rent and a comparable market rate unit over the course of two years, plus $3,510 per disabled... Read More »

State Bill Targeting Speculative Evictions In SF Introduced, Again

As expected, Senator Mark Leno has introduced Senate Bill No. 1439, designed to prohibit speculators from buying tenant occupied buildings in San Francisco, evicting the tenants by way of the Ellis Act, and then selling the individual units as a Tenancy in Common (TIC) or together as de facto... Read More »

Campos Calls For Mayor To Commit To Regulating Tenant Buyouts

With San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors having unanimously approved a resolution to urge State legislators to amend state law and allow the city of San Francisco to penalize landlords for invoking the Ellis Act to evict tenants, next week Supervisor David Campos will ask Mayor Lee to publicly commit... Read More »

Tenants In Illegally Converted Mid-Market Building Suing To Stay

Tenants In Illegally Converted Mid-Market Building Suing To Stay

With the City having suspended their previously issued building permit for the conversion of 1049 Market Street from its current non-compliant residential use back to office space in order “to enable the City to obtain additional details about the building’s historic and current occupancies,” eleven of the remaining tenants... Read More »

Making It Harder to (Legally) Merge or Convert Units in SF

On the agenda for San Francisco’s Planning Commission this week, an ordinance to tighten-up the language in San Francisco’s Planning Code which governs the legal demolition, merger and conversion of existing residential units in San Francisco, intended to preserve the stock of affordable housing within the city. Fearing an... Read More »

Airbnb: A Hit List For San Francisco Landlords Too

As we first noted in April, according to San Francisco Administrative Code Chapter 41A, it is “unlawful for any owner to offer an apartment unit for rent for tourist or transient use,” defined as “occupancy for less than a 30-day term of tenancy.” From a renting reader yesterday who... Read More »