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Employment In San Francisco Hits An All-Time High

Employment In San Francisco Hits An All-Time High

With the number of San Francisco residents with jobs having increased by 10,000 over the past year, the unemployment rate in the city has dropped to 4.4 percent and employment is at all-time high. The number of employed San Francisco residents now totals 465,900, that’s 400 more than the... Read More »

SF Sellers Are Moving Out, And Behind A Couple Of Buyer Myths

A couple of stats from a survey of Paragon Real Estate Group agents with respect to their last 12 months of activity in San Francisco: 60 percent of the sellers represented by Paragon are relocating outside of San Francisco. The main reasons for their moves: 1. schools (and other... Read More »

Nearly 20,000 New Jobs For San Franciscans Over The Past Year

Preliminary labor force counts for San Francisco, Marin and San Mateo counties peg the current unemployment rates at 6.5%, 5.5% and 6.0% respectively, down 0.2 points from November to December in San Francisco and San Mateo, down 0.3 points in Marin. As the size of San Francisco’s labor force... Read More »