399 5th Street Site

Plans for razing the All Stars Donuts shop at 5th and Harrison, along with the adjacent building which Fitmob occupies at 5th and Clara, have been submitted to San Francisco’s Planning Department for review, with a proposal for a nine-story building with 89 condos to rise upon the 365-399 5th Street site.

As we noted when we first reported the proposed development last year, while the site is currently only zoned for building up to 55-feet in height, the development team have been counting on an up-zoning of the site to 85-feet in height as envisioned in the City’s Central SoMa Plan in order to develop the block as proposed.

And while we don’t yet know if it’s due to a lack of faith in the Central SoMa Plan being passed in a timely manner, a change in development team’s forecasting or economic model, or simply a change in approach, according to recent conversations with Planning, RealTex now intends to submit a revised proposal that would conform to the current 55-foot height limit for the site.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by San Francisco

    Well that sucks

  2. Posted by Bay Guy

    I agree!

  3. Posted by SFrentier

    Don’t think they’ll catch this buy side of the RE cycle, so might as well wait for the upzoning…if it ever comes…so maybe they’re trying to hedge their bets?

  4. Posted by Hitman

    That part of the city has great potential!

  5. Posted by Anonymous

    Oh good. More housing stock and it’s near all the nightlife.

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