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Construction has commenced at the corner of Market, Noe, and 16th streets. Known as the “Hole in the Ground” for the past three decades following the fiery demise of the church that once occupied the site, as plugged-in people know, it’s a five-story building with 18 residential units over ground floor retail that’s being built (click rendering to enlarge).

It’s an Ian Birchall and Associates design that’s rising. And no, the parallels between 2299 Market Street and what’s happening with 1601 Larkin don’t end there, but we are keeping our fingers crossed that the “decades-old” bit ends up being unique.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by lol

    What? No Bi-Rite renderings this time 😉 ?
    I assume the location wouldn’t be appropriate for a Trader Joe’s due to their extravagant need for parking. Too bad, it would be a great complement to the Farmer’s Market across the intersection.
    [Editor’s Note: It’s funny you should mention the Bi-Rite renderings, for as some might recall, 2299 Market Street was once rendered with an Apple store in mind.]

  2. Posted by James

    I love Store! It’s a great place to buy Things after lunch at Cafe and a drink at Bar.
    (Also: nicely cantilevered corner windows.)

  3. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    Boycott STORE because they sell COMMODITY extracted by slave labor from DEVELOPING COUNTRY.
    Glad to see this finally being built. Residential over retail is the right formula for this location. Would have been nice to be a couple of stories taller though.

  4. Posted by Wow 30 YEARS

    Now I am feeling old, but yes I lived in that hood in 1980…it has been 30 years already. Man how time moves along.
    “…And I have seen the eternal Footman hold my coat, and snicker,And in short, I was afraid”.

  5. Posted by Billyballs

    Bar! Wow man I remember that place. We used to party there. Crazy times.
    Nicely designed, and in my opinion, best use.

  6. Posted by badlydrawnbear

    FINALLY! I was just driving by ‘the pit’ the other day and was reminded about how insane it was that this hole on a busy corner had not been redeveloped already.
    Good to hear that construction has finally begun.

  7. Posted by CC

    Is it just me, or is this another Ho-Hum design that looks just like every other mid-size development being built or considered in the city? Is it the Planning Dept, Economics or something else that results in these un-remarkable buildings? (Though, I admit, its still better than a vacant lot.)

  8. Posted by A.T.

    I don’t think this is anticipated to be a place where you BUY things, but rather one where you STORE things.
    This will be a great spot to have a condo.

  9. Posted by etslee

    Is it too much to ask for something more exciting in this prime location? probably.

  10. Posted by BobN

    I’m going to miss the sunken Christmas-tree lot.

  11. Posted by Marten

    Should have become a park for people to sit, drink their coffee and read, or at least it could have been a park for thirty years. What a waste.

  12. Posted by lol

    The cantilevered corner window looks like a giant glass piston ready to play a nasty trick on prospective STORE shoppers.

  13. Posted by [anon.ed]

    Nice color scheme in the rendering. Kinda makes me think, “Go Browns!” (There’s always next year.)

  14. Posted by EH

    anon: i haven’t been paying attention, do the niners no longer use gold and red?

  15. Posted by lol

    [anon.ed], your roots are showing…

  16. Posted by [anon.ed[

    looks like a lot of brown and orange to me

  17. Posted by redseca2

    I remember there was a small theater space in teh basement of that church and I actually saw a first run of a Sam Shepard play there. “Buried Child” as I recall.

  18. Posted by wc1

    So happy! Have lived in the neighborhood since 85 and around the corner on Noe since 2000. Will be so glad to have something there. Really. At this point I really would be happy with any sort of building at all.
    Design is pretty typical but clean.

  19. Posted by MissionMan

    It would be nice if the architects in this city played with something other than legos as kids. But it certainly is better than a hole in the hood.

  20. Posted by NIMBY

    I hope STORE becomes bar that plays Lady Gaga and Rhianna and has original nightly events like drag night and karaoke.

  21. Posted by Brid

    I agree with NIMBY’s 10:23pm posting.
    The only way we can maintain cultural and racial diversity in the ‘Stro is to have Les Natali (Badlands/Toad Hall/Patio(??)) or the trio of Oracle Gazillionaire’s (QBar/Midnight Sun/The Edge et al) buy a bar and make it look like every other bar.
    Err…that’s it…

  22. Posted by Karl

    Wait for the DTNA to open their mouths again and start trouble – This will be another example of Peter Cohen attempting to control what people can do with their property. Everyday another storefront goes vacant on Upper Market Street and still DTNA fights every single project that is proposed on Upper Market and wants to control what home owners can do in DT. Open your eyes people, he is lobbying the Board of Sups to get a position on the Planning Commission – if this happens there will NEVER be any new development in the City. Speak up or lose your voice – call or write Scott Wiener and the other Sups and let them know you vote & you don’t support Peter Cohen’s ideas or anyone who supports Peter Cohen!!!

  23. Posted by lol

    This is the Castro side, not the Duboce Triangle. How can DTNA have anything to say? Do we have another self-anointed Napoleon in this town?

  24. Posted by Kurt Brown

    My DTNA newsletter is expressing serious “concerns” about STORE and has sparked a “concerned” discussion on whether STORE is, in fact, formula retail, and if so, should STORE be granted a preliminary injunction for a waiver to undergo a study to determine if a Phase III “Brando” escalation clause would be in effect for STORE. It asked for my involvement and encourages me to express my “concerns” and says it is in “ongoing discussions” with STORE, Supervisor Wiener, Supervisor Emeritus Dufty, the Market/Octavia High Council of Elders, and all “concerned stakeholders.”
    As for STORE, they’re nice, but I think they’re a bit pricey. I’ll continue to shop at DISCOUNT STORE.

  25. Posted by fork

    There’s frequently a weird rubbery smell when you walk by that corner. Anyone know that that is, or if it will get fixed with this?

  26. Posted by Kurt Brown

    Sometimes the guy that sells tennis rackets on that corner smells a little funny, but I wouldn’t call that “rubbery” 🙂

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