1083 Clay Street #302 Kitchen
We’ve long been a fan of the Donald MacDonald designed Art Deco building at 1083 clay. And while it’s not exactly our style, nor our color palette, we can appreciate a nicely remodeled unit that’s both modern and true to the style of the building.
∙ Listing: 1083 Clay Street #302 (1/1) 983 sqft – $789,000 [1083claystreet.com] [MLS]
Speaking Of Stucco, Curved Bay Windows, And Fireplaces (1083 Clay) [SocketSite]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by scurvy

    Is the sq ft comparable between this unit and the one you listed in 2007? If so, that’s a pretty unreasonable asking price even considering any “upgrades.”

  2. Posted by EH

    Love the details, but Dwellism is punk rock compared to this.

  3. Posted by A.T.

    scurvy is right. This is a psycho price no matter how many drawers and cabinets they were able to cram into that miniscule kitchen. You can get very nice 2BRs and decent 3BRs (condos and SFRs) in this price range. The seller is dreaming.

  4. Posted by Buy High Sell Low

    Multiply price by 0.666 then relist…
    The devil made me do it…

  5. Posted by anonee

    a.t., please show an example of ” very nice 2BRs and decent 3BRs (condos and SFRs) in this price range” that are in this neighborhood. i’m not saying there aren’t any, and i’m certainly not saying i think this is a well priced unit, but i bet its not so easy to find these alternatives that you speak of.
    its interesting to see the relative desirability
    between old line ‘real sf’ locations versus new soma/south beach places. in terms of rents, i think soma may have the edge over nob hill, but in terms of prices i think its the opposite.
    anyone care to predict which area will do better/be priced higher by 2020?

  6. Posted by curmudgeon

    plan is interesting. I kindof like that the bedroom is completely separated from the living space. Would certainly give a couple a lot of privacy….the exact opposite of a loft situation.

  7. Posted by unwarrantedinlaw

    It’s a stunning apartment, I once lived in this building when they were rental apartments. The building was owned by a German family, which condo’d it in roughly 2004 and sold them off. They sold instantly, though of course the market was different then. These upper appartments have nice views, walk to work in the financial district.
    An important BEWARE warning, though, if you’re a single guy involved in the dating scene, you’ll need to bar the door to keep the ladies from getting in. It’s not you they’re after, this apartment drives ’em wild, it’s impossible to get them out once they’re in. If you are in the market for a wife, though, this is the place to lure them to. Doesn’t matter how ugly or fat you are.

  8. Posted by SanJoseRenter

    Here’s the 2007 posting for #201.
    Back then commenters were not impressed with the building, but said that floors 4 and 5 could have views.

  9. Posted by unwarrantedinlaw

    Some comments from the 2007 posting:
    “All those windows and nothing to look at.”
    – nothing to look at but the San Francisco Bay, you silly man.
    “I’ve passed by this building many times. The stairway in the main enty way of the building is daunting. You would definitely have to be up for the commitment of dealing with it every day to get in and out of the building.”
    – entry is on the street; then you take the elevator up. Silly people can walk up one flight and then take the elevator from there, if they want.
    The parking is great with big spaces and easy exit.
    A couple of posters noted that they don’t like buildings built in the 1980’s. Can’t argue with that, this building was built in the 1980’s.

  10. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    “if you’re a single guy involved in the dating scene, you’ll need to bar the door to keep the ladies from getting in….”
    Typical shill boosterism. You can achieve the exact same level of babe magnetism with just a Three Wolf Moon shirt. If you don’t believe me, just read the Amazon reviews and see for yourself.
    A Three Wolf Moon shirt is a lot cheaper than a condo. Even renters can afford one.
    So remember whenever a real estate salesperson implies that a property can endow the owner with fertility, status, happiness, or bootie : there’s probably a nature themed T-shirt that can accomplish the same for less.

  11. Posted by [anon.ed]

    I’m gonna go ahead and disagree with that take, MOD. The apartment is a totally sweeter babe magnet than the wolf moon tee, sweet “t” that it is.

  12. Posted by EH

    So, after the umpteenth picture of it in MLS sale pix, am I supposed to believe that people on Cathedral Hill just like to hang out around the Flood Mansion? This apt ain’t really suitable digs for Pacific Union Club members.

  13. Posted by ex SF-er

    You can achieve the exact same level of babe magnetism with just a Three Wolf Moon shirt. If you don’t believe me, just read the Amazon reviews and see for yourself.
    oh my goodness, funniest post in a while.
    I almost hit “buy” when I saw how horrible (uh, I mean sexy) that t-shirt is.
    also: the pictures are AWESOME. everyone must hit the link to see.
    I never knew how sexy an aging Korean dictator could be, until I saw him in the howling wolf shirt.
    Luckily, I did NOT buy that T shirt, because on that same page I saw the link for THIS:
    The Mountain Unicorn Castle Purple shirt. For men.
    which brings up the question: how did you come across/find such a shirt?

  14. Posted by Legacy Dude

    Ummm….how is this art deco?

  15. Posted by lol

    The fireplace wall in the living room has a few late Art Deco accents. Curves, layers, emerald hues.
    Of course you’d probably prefer going with the real deal:

  16. Posted by lol

    Silly me. Turquoise, not Emerald.

  17. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    Glad you had a chuckle on that one Ex-SFer. I first learned about the Three Wolf Moon shirt while shopping with some wiseguy teenagers. They were going nuts over a rack of nature themed shirts so I suspected that there might be some irony in their choices. Sure ‘nuf. Now I know that the 3WO shirt is somewhat of a wearable internet meme. Its fifteen hours aren’t up yet it would seem (memes get 15 hours vs. 15 minutes : kinda like that court ruling that allows corporations to donate to political campaigns).

  18. Posted by [anon.ed]

    Yeah. My buddy showed up with one to Thanksgiving dinner and we all had a good laugh. He’s 38 years old.

  19. Posted by sfrenegade

    “which brings up the question: how did you come across/find such a shirt?”
    One of those viral links that went around a while ago. People started putting funny reviews of it, and it spiraled from there.

  20. Posted by ex SF-er

    well it’s hilarious. I haven’t seen it yet. I’m decidedly not hip or cool or anything (as though that hasn’t been obvious for some time).
    I still may buy that purple unicorn shirt!

  21. Posted by tipster

    NYT T-shirt article from 18 months ago:
    “Mr. Govern, whose review has been rated as helpful by more than 7,000 Amazon readers, said he was not even aware of the online frenzy until an Amazon representative contacted him on Friday to see if he would talk about it. “I tell my parents and friends that it’s sad, but this is probably the most impact I’ll have on the world in my life,” he said.”

  22. Posted by NoeValleyJim

    A friend of mine bought me the Three Wolf Moon shirt. I have worn it around the playground but it doesn’t seem to have any magical powers on Noe Mom’s. Just as well, since I am married.
    I used to have a poster of a wolf howling at the moon on the wall of my bedroom when I was 13, so I can really relate to this t-shirt.

  23. Posted by mediated

    One thing comes to mind looking at this place — ‘ribbed’.

  24. Posted by SocketSite

    The list price for 1083 Clay #302 has just been reduced $20,000 (3%), now asking $769,000. At the same time, #401 referenced by the reader above has just cut by $40,000 (4%), now asking $849,000.

  25. Posted by tipster

    And #402 listed @ 759. 1/3 of the units in this building are now for sale. Fun times for buyers.

  26. Posted by SocketSite

    After four months on the market, the listing for 1083 Clay Street #302 has been withdrawn from the MLS without a reported sale.

  27. Posted by SocketSite

    1083 Clay Street #302 has returned to the MLS with an official “2” days on the market and an “original” list price of $749,000 (versus its $789,000 list price in January).

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