2939 Vallejo

A reader comments that Curbed has reported (with exclamation points!) that 2939 Vallejo “sold for $1,00,000 (sic) above asking. $9,500,000 clams!” Unfortunately, it didn’t.

While the sale price was $9,500,000, and 2939 Vallejo was listed for $8,500,000, the sale included the lot next door (2921 Vallejo) which was listed separately for $2,250,000. In other words, it was actually $1,250,000 (12%) under asking for the two.

But hey, why bother to be right when reporting real estate. And yes, MLS based statistics, reports, and industry newsletters will reflect “over asking!” for the sale as well.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by eddy

    Seems odd to me. I felt from the beginning the whole lot next door thing was just a strategy to get asking. I actually thought that both would go for $8.5. But nice to see higher end properties still moving. How are lots taxed? I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some separate value recorded for the sale of the lot. Seems there would have to be some correlation to MLS and recorders office. But I don’t know. I’ll check propertyshark in a few weeks….

  2. Posted by Name

    Beautiful home except for the ground level, which they transformed into some sort of Tracy McMansion parking garage structure that only noearch could enjoy.

  3. Posted by D.E.L

    After years of stealing from the above listed website you finally linked to them. Very cute blocking comments that have the name of said linked website.
    [Editor’s Note: We’ve never appropriated any content from Curbed without attribution, and we go out of our way to link to our sources or simply an inspirational piece. That being said, we can honestly say we stopped reading Curbed after Andy left for the very reason highlighted above, simply too many inaccuracies with respect to the market and planning. Oh, and blame the spam filters which we’ve since reset.]

  4. Posted by Rocco

    It gets slow around the holidays, but you must have better things to do than criticize another blog for making an error- especially in such a nasty way.
    [Editor’s Note: In fact we do have better things to do, which is why we usually don’t bother. But when a reader quotes “over asking” when in fact it wasn’t, and MLS statistics will report the same, it’s worth understanding why and what happened.]

  5. Posted by Brock Keeling

    Can I get a medium-rare Asperger’s syndrome with a side of fries? I mean, sheesh, you’re reaching here with this attack. Go have some egg nog.
    [Editor’s Note: Please, this is about as much an “attack” of Curbed as Katie Couric’s “attack” of Sarah Palin. But that egg nog is a good idea.]

  6. Posted by Denis

    Yeah, I agree with eddy… The asking price of this home was never just 8.5 million. You simply couldn’t buy JUST the house and risk the lot next door being sold off and developed. Is the separate lot accessible as outdoor space? Anyway, I’m not sure how you’d calculate the price per square foot here… If we just count the lot as part of the garden, the sale price is about 1900 per foot, which is about the same as the 2786 Broadway which sold for, it seems, 1740 per foot (unfinished? Anyone?)…
    Anyway, the 2900 block of Vallejo is arguably the prettiest in all Pac Heights/Cow Hollow. It’s flat, beautifully landscaped, and is pretty secluded. There’s even a nighttime security guard. Di Fi, Vanessa Getty, etc, are your neighbors. Congrats to the buyers!

  7. Posted by D.E.L

    You don’t take things from Curbed my butt. I love how your “trusted sources” are curbed commenter’s. How when curbed posts something, it ends up on your site a few minutes later.
    People who pay attention to these blogs know whats up. Don’t act like your not using Curbed for you leads.
    Question. Why do you block the word Curbed from your comments?
    [Editor’s Note: If you think we’d risk our reputation on an unverified comment from another site, much less attribute said comment to one of our sources, you’d be very wrong. Spam filters typically look for patterns (such as multiple comments from the same IP all referencing the same source) before flagging key words (or links) to either be manually screened or blocked (after repeated abuse) entirely.]

  8. Posted by sfrenegade

    D.E.L. must be a big Curbed fan. I’ve had the opposite experience — SocketSite posts something, and then it shows up on Curbed quite promptly. Other blogs are constantly sniping at SocketSite and have been doing so for years:
    SocketSite seems to take the high road, and I’m glad it does.

  9. Posted by Rocco

    “But hey, why bother to be right when reporting real estate.” is different from taking someone else’s blog post and further illuminating it. Which you could have done instead.

  10. Posted by D.E.L

    SFrenegade. Start really paying attention from this day forward. Tell me if you don’t change your tune in a month or two.
    I’m done with this site. It was comical at first. If I really want the freshest real estate news without out the middle man, I know where to go.

  11. Posted by Marcie

    Oh, grow up people. We can love Mommy AND Daddy. Stop fighting in front of the kids.

  12. Posted by greg s

    Team socketsite!!

  13. Posted by [anon.ed]

    DEL, the funky homosapien? On Socketsite? Awesome. Huge fan over here.

  14. Posted by Brahma (incensed renter)

    It seems pretty reasonable to assume that both socketsite and curbed and every other real estate blog is primarily driven by what’s new on the MLS that day, so complaints like D.E.L’s about things on one site showing up on another site are pretty pointless.

  15. “But hey, why bother to be right when reporting real estate.” is different from taking someone else’s blog post and further illuminating it. Which you could have done instead.
    You’re right, we could have explained what had actually happened, why, and note its impact on industry statistics. Which is exactly what we did.
    If you’re just pissed that we did so by pointing out a lousy job of reporting, get over it, we don’t play favorites and we do so all the time. We’re not castigating Curbed for a typo or grammatical mistake, but rather a basic lack of due diligence on a headline story that shouldn’t have passed the most basic of smell tests.
    And once again, we wouldn’t have bothered had a reader (who should have known better) not referenced the piece here.

  16. Posted by eddy

    As the original “reader” who made said reference I’m not sure I understand why it was inappropriate to make such a reference. It was totally relevant to the broad stroke topic title that prices are falling in PH. Also, I’ve looooong stated my ill regard for the relevance of “over or under asking” and I’m not sure why anyone really cares about the stat/metric. But SS / AK does seem to consistently point it out so there should be no surprise to any regular reader that this was promoted to a main topic.
    Peace to all and happy holidays!

  17. Posted by anonee

    very nice digs. i second that congrats to the new owners.

  18. Posted by brandno

    I come here for the comments. Curbed is definitely lacking in that regard. localsonly and bluntcard ain’t no tipster and fluj.

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