Fairmont Heritage Place: Peek-a-Boo shower (www.SocketSite.com)
Re-Construction is moving right along at Ghirardelli Square and Fairmont Heritage Place with a VIP unveiling of the property and model units this week (public opening this weekend), a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO) secured by the end of July, and Gary Danko’s restaurant and the Fairmont spa opening by the end of the year.
Of the 530 fractional units that compose Fairmont Heritage Place, 45% are pre-sold (which represents little movement since February) and the majority of contract holders reside within 90 miles of the property.
Contemporary finishes, brick accent walls, and high ceilings define the units; and together with views, history, services and amenities define the development. One sexy design feature found in a few of the units that couldn’t help but catch our attention: a peek-a-boo tub and shower. And yes, blinds are being installed for those who are a bit more modest.
Ghirardelli Square & Fairmont Heritage Place: Overview And Sales [SocketSite]

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  1. Posted by Live Smart

    Those peek a boo tub/shower apparently is all the craze internationally but only recently appeared in the U.S. Last year, I stayed at a Radisson Hotel in Shanghai, China, and they had it which was pretty cool. The motorized mini-blinds open and close at the touch of a switch (much like a light switch).

  2. Posted by Foolio

    Yup, I stayed in a Howard Johnson in Beijing that had the peek-a-boo too.

  3. Posted by Anonymous

    What happened here? They put the bathroom in the bedroom? Why not put the kitchen in the bedroom, too? Or better still, why not put the kitchen in the bathroom so the builder can get by with installing only one sink instead of two?
    Does “pre-sold” mean a deposit of about 3% has been put down, or what?

  4. Posted by dub dub

    Oh, I don’t like the peek a boos (in general). It’s *not* sexy, it’s borderline creepy — like showering over the toilet. Maybe it works here, can’t tell. I can’t find those pictures on the linked pages, but I didn’t try hard.
    We have seen increasing commingling of the bathroom/master bedroom on socketsite over the past few months — remember that tub in the bedroom?
    A disturbing trend 🙂

  5. Posted by Jack

    Foolio, you stayed in the HoJos??? You lucky dog you.

  6. Posted by Dave

    I stayed at a resort in Puerto Vallarta that has the “peek a boo.” I just thought it was strange. I don’t mind showering WITH someone I’m involved with, but I have no desire to watch, or be watched, and I couldn’t find anyone who understood the reasoning behind the peek-a-boo shower.
    I’m in 100% agreement with dub dub. Borderline creepy.

  7. Posted by steve

    i think the point of the peek-a-boo is that the light and space is nice when in fact there aren’t others around.

  8. Posted by crockergal

    The newer Westin branded timeshares, the larger sized ones, all have peek-a-boo baths. Maui, Princeville, Kierland, etc….. the cool factor drops each day with that design…. ends up being annoying.

  9. Posted by Foolio

    Can’t tell if you’re being facetious or not, but the Howard Johnson Paragon in Beijing is actually quite a fine 4-star hotel. Seriously.

  10. Posted by r

    “Can’t tell if you’re being facetious or not, but the Howard Johnson Paragon in Beijing is actually quite a fine 4-star hotel. Seriously.”
    There are several american brand hotels that are much nicer in international locals than their domestic counterparts. I avoid Raddison’s in the US like the plague, but love staying at the Radisson near the Dehli airport.

  11. Posted by EBGuy

    I’ve been tracking Craiglist fractional resales on the Ritz Carlton thread. They are actually holding up better than I would have thought (though still trading a discount to developer prices). Nothing like the blood bath at the Marriott Grand Residence in Tahoe.

  12. Posted by sylvia

    Out of curiousity,any home owners on this site?Experiences?We never got our fine art photograph yet-have you????No return calls yet!

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