Mint Lofts: 410 Jessie Street (Image Source:
Mint Lofts: 418 Jessie Street (Image Source:
Mint Lofts is comprised of two adjacent buildings which border the proposed Mint Plaza.
Constructed in 1926, and originally designed by architects James and Merritt Reid (think Fairmont Hotel and the Spreckels Temple of Music), 410 Jessie Street once served as offices and warehouses for the Hale Brother’s Department Stores. The top six floors (5-10) of 410 Jessie were previously converted into leased live/work spaces but are currently undergoing a complete remodel before hitting the market. And floors 2-4 are in the process of being converted into more traditional condominium floor plans. When complete, the 52 condominiums will range in size from 460 to 2,390 square feet and will feature 11’ ceilings and “[i]ndustrial sized, double hung operable windows” (and yes, forced air heating/cooling).
The second Mint Loft building, 418 Jessie Street originally housed one of the Hale Brother’s stores, and more recently served as a San Francisco firehouse. The nine floors of 418 Jessie are in the process of being converted into “25 luxury residences available for lease and sale” and will range in size from 600 to 3,500 square feet (and feature 10’ 6” ceilings). Both buildings will share a rooftop garden, grill, and fitness center; and include the increasingly obligatory “on-site concierge” (and perhaps less common “24-hour courtesy patrol”).
Additional details on pricing, availability, and occupancy as soon as we have them (or sooner should a “plugged in” reader share the inside scoop).
UPDATE: A model unit in 410 Jessie is expected to be open by mid-December with closings and occupancy in both buildings targeted (i.e., best case scenario) for as early as February 2007. We should have rough pricing sometime next week.
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    Hmmm “fully automated parking”…it looks like one of the neighboring loft buildings on Jessie has car lifts – so I guess that’s what they are talking about. BTW – anyone use a car lift regularly? Hassle or not too bad?

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